The Effects of Past Lives

Are they real?

My journey of guiding individuals into an Out of Body Experience, started with past live regression therapy. Until I met a very wise woman, who told me not to rely solely on past lives and that I am supposed to find my own way of guiding people.

At first this came as a shock to me, because I was guiding beautiful and meaningful sessions. Nevertheless, I took her advice and dropped my pride and that way of working, and opened myself up to discovering my own way. The moment I let go, I immediately started to receive images and information on how to proceed. It was clear that I had to guide people through, or in connection with, their hearts. And the information I received was spot on; from the very first session it was like pure magic, the guided OBE's were beyond imagination; deep and profound.

But first this: are past lives real?
This question is difficult to definitively answer, as proof is elusive. However, based on personal experiences where I have observed other lives with strong connections to myself, I believe they are real. Some of these past lives have been breathtaking.... My opinion about the reality of past lives is further strengthened by my encounters with the spirits of those who have passed on.

For those without direct experience, past lives can also be seen as stories in our collective memory that we can tap into. These past lives may be related to us in some way. It's not necessary to believe in past lives without personal experiences; an open and curious mind is all that's needed to potentially have mind-blowing and life changing experiences.

Past life experiences, karmic effect
In my sessions it often happens that a person receives information that there are karmic patterns at play that influences a relationship, or that health issues are related to a past life events. In those situations we ask if it is helpful to observe that specific past life event in order to heal. The moment we realize that certain problems have a karmic origin, the path to change or healing is opened.

What is remarkable, is that when a person in a past life at a certain age experiences a traumaic event, the karmic effect of the situation comes into play at the same age in this life. I had this with a man who had a shoulder injury, which started when he was 21. In the session we observed him being hit by a granate in France during WW I.

A woman sawthat her terrible relationship with her mother was a continuation of a past life, where her mother was really treating her badly. During the session she could energetically release her emotions and break free from the past life karmic residue.

In another session, there was a woman with non-functioning thyroid gland, which stopped working when she was 33. She learned from a wise person in her Astral Family that this was the karmic effect of her violent death as a witch at the age of 33. She was not allowed to observe that past life’s incident, but there was a female healer present who performed energetic healing on her. I have no confirmation yet if this energetic had any positive effect to her thyroid gland.

Besides physical ailments and relationship patterns, there are also other things that appear to be passed on over multiple lives. In my case, I had a big issue with guilt. I saw many lives where more and more sense of guilt was built up. It ran as a pattern through many past lives and I will give just a few examples.

As a high priest in what seemed the Mayan or Azteks time period, I performed human offerings and ate human flesh. Not because I wanted, but because I made an aweful deal for gaining power with a very dark energy.

During the dark and violent period between Europeans and Native Americans, I killed women and children as an Native American and was hung for that.

And as a king, I had to sent people to war and I had no choice in doing so. I was put in power by more powerful individuals and they demanded that I executed their will as I had agreed to.

Changing karmic patterns
During one Out of Body Experience I realized that I carried guilt with me for many life times and it took me another Out of Body Experience to remove that completely from my system, I transformed this issue and it disappeared completely. Guilt influenced my life quite strongly, but now I walk through life free from the idea of guilt.

Child-parent relationships can stem from karmic issues seeking resolution. In my personal journey, I had a father who also had guilt as a big topic in his life, although he was not very aware of this. I am grateful that I could consciously break with this type of energy, and by doing so, I prevented passing it down to my children.

Past life experiences beyond Earth
Past lives extend beyond earthly experiences; during sessions with individuals, I often encounter connections to beings and life forms from other planets or stars. These stories frequently involve beings coming to Earth with a mission to aid humanity, raise consciousness, and spread love. These narratives deeply resonate with me, as these individuals transition from a light, loving
existence to the dense, dualistic reality of Earth. Often they become unaware of their true origins and purpose.

Regardless of any astral lineage, expanding awareness into your Higher Self may show you how your life is influenced by past life experiences, let alone the karmic connections with other people. A Guided OBE is likely to bring you profound, awe-inspiring and life changing experiences.

Is everything karmically related?
That is a difficult question and it depends on the perspective we take. From the viewpoint that we chose to come and live on Earth, we can assume that our experiences are a consequence of that decision. In that sense, yes, everything is karmically related.

However, not all current physical issues can be traced back to past lives. Some physical ailments originate from our present life. Whether an ailment stems from this life or a past one is not as significant as understanding the underlying message and clearing the path toward healing.