Right and Wrong

Exploring Multiple Perspectives

Our minds are often heavily occupied by concepts of right and wrong, constantly evaluating the goodness or badness of things. Many of our conversations revolve around these ideas as well. It's quite common in our lives and society to get caught up in debates about what is right or wrong.

We invest so much energy collectively in this that we often overlook the importance of stepping back to consider a broader view.

What happens when we do take that step back and broaden our awareness? We see more sides of the same situation and this leads to gaining a more comprehensive understanding.

As we start to perceive multiple sides of a situation, the notions of right and wrong begin to fade. They become less clear-cut, less obvious. Consequently, we come to understand, then feel compassion, and even love.

By continuously expanding our perspective, we ultimately recognize that we are love, that everything is love, love in its purest form, love in ecstasy. This can also be viewed as pure consciousness, a state of being known as Samadhi, a state I am familiar with.

In my guided Out of Body Experience sessions, I may not be able to guide someone into Samadhi (yet), but together we can broaden your awareness, transcending the physical realm to gain new insights on any topic or situation. This can lead to deeper understanding, compassion, and possibly even love.

In my sessions, individuals often bring up relationship challenges with parents or partners. When they view their relationships from a karmic perspective or consider the other person's childhood traumas or negative experiences, transformations occur instantly. It's remarkable how realizing instant compassion can reshape our thoughts and emotions, altering our perceived reality.

Must we strive for understanding and compassion in all situations? No, we have the freedom to choose. However, there is a direct link between our judgmental tendencies and the suffering we endure. The choice is ours. Once we embrace true freedom, setting aside our pride and victim mentality, miracles begin to unfold. This brings to mind a beautiful quote by Osho:

"Be realistic, expect miracles."

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in exploring reality beyond the ideas of good and bad or if you want to orientate on what a guided Out of Body Experience can do for you: +31618152383 (WhatsApp or Telegram only)

PS: After having my Samadhi experience I wrote the following poem:

Amidst the dichotomy of good and bad,
I ponder and wonder what's to be had.

For what's good for me may not be for thee,
And what's bad now may lead to victory.

My outspoken thoughts of right and wrong,
Are but a reflection of my inner throng.

A battle within, a constant fight,
Between the darkness and the light.

But in this struggle, I come to see,
That there is more than just duality.

For when I let go of my preference and pride,
I find a oneness that can't be denied.

So I embrace both good and bad,
And watch as they merge, no longer sad.

For in this union, I find a truth,
Beyond the labels of age and youth.