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  • Guided OBE Offerings

    Single Session

    1 Session; perfect for

    most people and

    the curious ones 

    € 360

    pre paid

    In Person or Online

    4+ Hours


    Including free

    Audio Recording


    Money Back Guarantee

    Most effective

    Quantum Leap

    3 Sessions; for those

    who want to grow fast or

    have much on their plate

    € 900

    pre paid

    In Person or Online

    ~12 Hours


    Including free

    Audio Recording


    Money Back Guarantee

    Surrogate Session

    For those who

    need extra


    € 450

    pre paid

    Someone else travels on your behalf


    You can witness online or In person


    Including free

    Audio Recording

    • You move beyond your physical reality
    • Connecting to your Higher Self, Guides, other energies
    • Receive directions and get clearity on basically anything
    • Understanding relationship patterns and karmic connections
    • Timetravel, observing the past, past lives, possible future

    Now, for business too; solving creative blocks, meet your product from a new perspective, expanded market view, problem solving

  • What to expect of a Guided OBE

    Benefits and session structure


    A Guided Out of Body Experience is an OBE under the guidance of an experienced and trained person, someone who knows how to travel in an Out of Body state and how to guide others in the realms beyond our physical reality.


    The benefits of an OBE cannot be overestimated and are challenging to express in just a few words. The following is just the tip of the iceberg to give an impression: relaxation of body and mind, trust and confidence, personal growth, physical and emotional healing, understanding and healing relationship patterns, realization that you are not your body, that there is more, one's journey continues after death, connecting with other beings and planets, enjoying the bodyless state, making meaningful connections that can only be made in an expanded state of awareness, healing and understanding past experiences, solving problems and creative blocks, realizing your true potential and life mission. Here you can read more benefits of a Guided OBE.


    Single session

    A single session typically lasts for over 4 hours, and there are virtually no limits on what you can ask for. Whether all your questions are answered depends on many factors, one of which is your own path of growth. Generally, all your questions will be addressed, and your intentions will be fulfilled in impressive ways.


    Quantum Leap, 3 sessions

    The result of one session is always impressive and mind-blowing, but the result of 3 sessions is truly beyond belief. As with everything, repetition brings more and better results. With the Quantum Leap, you will explore even deeper into your Higher Self and most likely beyond.


    Surrogate session

    There are rare situations where a person is not able to expand awareness to have an Out of Body Experience. This can be caused by body tension, pain, or the person missing the ability to visualize. In those situations, we can work with a surrogate. This is a person who travels on your behalf and under my guidance into your Higher Self with your intention and questions. You can witness the session in person or online.


    The structure of a Guided OBE sessio 

    • We meet in person or online.
    • We have a pre-talk to understand your intention and questions. This will take about 2 hours because I like to understand where you are coming from and what it is that you would like to achieve.
    • Then you lay down in a comfortable and relaxed way, and I talk you into a trance. I guide you to your heart, and from there, we expand your consciousness beyond your body and beyond your imagination. This part of the session will take about 1.5 - 2 hours.
    • After your session, we have an Integration talk to connect the dots of what you have experienced. This ensures that your session starts integrating to achieve the best outcome for you. This will take 0.5 - 1 hour.
    • I record your session to facilitate your integration process. Listening back to your session will bring you back to the state of awareness you had during your session. The recording will be sent to you shortly after your session.
    • After your session, you are most likely to connect to your Higher Self or spirit guides at will.

    I know that if you can do simple visualizations (like seeing a red flower with your eyes closed), you will perceive an expanded state of awareness with visuals, in which you have experiences beyond your physical reality.


    Money-back guarantee 

    In most situations, I give a money-back guarantee that you experience an expanded state of awareness in which you have profound experiences. Book your 30-minute free consult to find out more.


    Start with a 30-minute free consult

    Before embarking on a journey together, we have a call to meet each other, answer questions about a Guided OBE session, and understand your intentions. If you feel a yes during our call, we can schedule your session.

  • Become a Practitioner

    Join us on our next 5-Day Guided OBE Practitioner Training.

    Click the links to discover the full content of the training;

    17-21 July, Havelte, The Netherlands (Dutch version)

    17-21 July, Havelte, The Netherlands (English version)

    The training is a journey beyond your imagination and is designed to unlock your capacities to guide others into their subconscious mind and their Higher Self. They will enter consciously and with full awareness into the space of infinite possibilities; going back to any moment in time, moving forward in time, not being bound by time and space, healing anything or clearing the path to healing, receiving guidance and directions from guides or masters, and experiencing amazingly beautiful adventures. Guiding individuals on a Out of Body Experience is a beautiful and meaningful way to help others.

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  • About me

    Master in Out of Body Experience

    Hi, my name is Jeroen Krieger, 51 years of age, I am a master in Out of Body Experience and I offer Guided OBE sessions. I love to share my gift and I fully trust my skills, therefore I give you a money back guarantee; if you have no experience of an expanded state of awareness you get a full refund.

    Since participating in Bob Monroe's Gateway Voyage in 2016, I have become a frequent flyer in the world of Out of Body Experiences (OBE). In January 2023, I began guiding OBE sessions and have successfully connected 98% of participants with their Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Spirit Masters, Totem Animals, Past Lives, Inner Child Care, Relatives who Passed Away, Spirit and Astral Families and even other planets.


    My journey into guiding OBE sessions began after reading Dolores Cannon's book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. After conducting approximately 25 Past Life Regression sessions, I received guidance to find a new way of guiding people beyond our physical realm. This led me to develop an effective method for guiding people into experiences beyond imagination.


    During our sessions, we work with your Higher Self to ensure that the Out of Body Experience aligns with your level of growth and understanding. I do not shape your experiences in any way but guide you through speech into a deep level of relaxation, supporting you in expanding your consciousness beyond our physical realm.


    Every Out of Body Experience is unique and beyond imagination. Let's lift the veil and explore together!


    Since everything is perceived in a constant flow of change, the majority of images on this website symbolize flow. The flow of life, the flow of experienced manifestation. In this flow, everything is always new. Even what seems as something old, is "fresh" in every moment of perceived flow.

  • You are Everything and Everything is You

    Extra information, testimonials, experiences, thoughts, and reflections.

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    Tara Oberstehohfeld My experiences with Jeroen in both individual and group sessions have been...
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  • Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you simply want to have a conversation.

    Guided Out of Body Experience

    +31618152383 (Whatsapp / Telegram only)
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    Let's be free again

    I have the privilege of guiding (dedicated) sessions with children as well, and it is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Children are still so pure and open to new experiences, embracing the unknown with a sense of freedom that is truly beautiful.


    Let's all strive to reclaim that sense of freedom and joy in our lives, living on this magnificent planet with open hearts and a spirit of love towards all. Our souls yearn for this connection and harmony.


    Love & Respect