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Tara Oberstehohfeld

My experiences with Jeroen in both individual and group sessions have been incredibly enriching. Each session feels like a journey that nourishes my soul, leaving me in a state of deep relaxation and ease. Jeroen's guidance is gentle yet profound, leading me to explore the depths of my subconscious with care and awareness.

These travels feel like returning home to a place of familiarity and comfort. It's a feeling that's difficult to put into words, but using the phrase "being home" describes it very closely. Jeroen has a unique way of communicating with the subconscious, allowing me to uncover hidden truths and discover forgotten aspects of myself or open doors I wasn’t able to open yet. Each session creates space for my soul to emerge and express itself more fully. It supports me in arriving in my body yet staying connected to the subtle world where I feel so at home. I am grateful for Jeroen's guidance and the profound impact it has had on my journey of self-discovery. Thank you for this special space where I feel seen by myself through your guidance. www.taraoberstehohfeld.com

Gayle Berry

I had a life changing experience with Jeroen. We went on a journey to discover the answers to the questions in my mind. What happened was beyond words. Deep surrender into the unknown. Connection with infinite bliss. Awakening of my body fully into energy. Healing of my body and ecstatic joy. I could never have known such connection was available to me and I left the session a completely different person. My nervous system is the most relaxed it has ever been and my sense of trust is fully open. Life changing ♡


I have done four sessions with Jeroen, and my experiences were life-changing. I traveled to different places, went to other planets, met aliens, and gathered information inside and outside of myself. These sessions were deep, fun, exciting, revealing, and confronting. Being guided by Jeroen gave me a lot of trust. It is important to let go of the rational mind chatter, and I trusted Jeroen to keep me safe, bring me back, and look for pathways during the session. He does it with a lot of love and respect, and patience too ❤️ I was never able to get so deep and so far. I feel very grateful and lucky to have met Jeroen.

Agni Chandra

The session with Jeroen was held with such care, support, and tenderness that my whole being could relax with ease and grace. From the conversation we had before the journey through the whole OBE exercises and loving "check-in" a few days after, I felt held and gently guided, which made the whole experience extraordinary. The journey itself was insightful and beautiful. Some things were known, and some were absolutely new to me. Traveling through my subconscious mind was like discovering myself from the depth of my being.

The recording that Jeroen made during the session is with me now, reminding me of my inner world that I can revisit any time again. Also, shortly after the session, a big shift in my life happened. The subject was the main one present during the journey. I could deeply realize and address my core wound/trauma that was messing around my choices and attachments. After deeply realizing it a few days after the session, my behavior pattern changed, and so much more freedom is being reclaimed. I'm so happy I did it.

Thank you, dear friend, for all your wisdom and tender care 💚


Having known Jeroen for some time and spoken a lot about his journeys, a Guided Out of Body Experience seemed as something very far away and unreal for me. Having very little idea of what to expect and finding myself lost and emotional, the timing felt right for me to experience it myself. Jeroen told me to write down a few questions on which I would like to receive more clarity. We discussed them before the session in an environment that felt safe.

Entering the session, I experienced it as if Jeroen guided me into a deeper inner peaceful state. Where that what one might call “imagination” was fully unlocked (see remark below this testimonial) As I experienced the session as very close to my inner self and a natural state, I felt acces to a road of inner wisdom. An acces point that even remained after the session. Here, I am able to find answers within by connecting with the deepest layers of myself. Practically I was able to communicate with animals that answered questions or directed me to different guides to who I could ask questions.

During the session, Jeroen guided me to ask the questioned I prepared to the guides that appeared. They were able to answer pretty much all my questions. Upon that, I received clarity in several other topics.

Where I usually may feel discomfort or fear when it comes to certain questions, I now felt an abundance of understanding and love towards situations. I saw how everything was connected and had reasons to happen.

After the journey I feel more at ease with occurrences than before. Within my relationship I have less expectations, more understanding and more appreciation towards myself and my partner. Having perceived that things have reasons to happen, gives me a lot of trust and peace of mind.

I am very thankful for the experience and guidance Jeroen gave me🙏❤️

Remark by Jeroen:
Ruan mentions something quite profound here. Imagination and OBE visuals are somewhat similar, yet they are not the same, and there are some distinct differences. If we use our imagination to create images, scenes, or fantasies, we use our conscious mind. From this source of information, we cannot create a surprise effect for ourselves. That would be the same as if we would send ourselves an email. We will receive the email, but without any surprise effect because we knew this was about to happen. The number of surprise effects during an OBE is generally huge, as was the case during Ruan’s OBE session.

Another difference between conscious imagination and receiving images, scenes, and information during an OBE is the source. It takes a bit of awareness to notice the subtle difference between the two. To me, visuals of the two can be similar in resolution, but there is a difference in sensation. It is not easy to put words to this, but I feel a different resonance with OBE visuals.

Also, we receive information and visuals that we sometimes cannot describe due to the fact that we have never seen them before and do not know how to relate them. We sometimes get information that does not fit our paradigm yet. In those cases, I feel that the integration or understanding will unfold over time or that we have to explore it in detail to make sense out of it for my client.

Many visuals we receive during an OBE, we cannot imagine ourselves. So yes, Ruan is right. It feels close to imagination. But what you experience during a guided Out of Body experience is in fact beyond imagination.