Healing Journeys

Restoring Eyesight

In some situations, a person may request insight or change for a physical condition. Recently, I guided a woman who was practically blind. She could only see the difference between dark and light, but no distinct shapes, forms, or colors. Her blindness had gradually worsened over a longer period of time, starting when she was a teenager.

After speaking with her a couple of times, she was ready to take a dive into the unknown and open up to finding answers and/or healing. Through guidance into an OBE and receiving directions from multiple guides and way showers, she was connected to a group that appeared as her astral family.

At first, she received general healing on her system, which relaxed her body significantly. After that, we asked to connect her with the individual who was aware of the purpose of her life on earth. They brought her to what appeared to be the wisest person of that group, and he shared with her that she was on Earth to share her happiness.

Then we asked if she needed blindness to achieve that. He said that she could share happiness either way. Then she expressed the wish to have her eyesight fully restored, and he responded that they needed a meeting for that. And a group of about 11 beings appeared. She expressed her wish to every one of them and then stepped out of the meeting. After a few moments, the main character stood in front of her and put his hands on both her shoulders and said, “Your eyesight will return.”

I know that in these spaces, things go easier and quicker than here on Earth. So I suggested asking for a volunteer to join her back to Earth to continue the work as long as needed to restore her eyesight. Immediately, a happy woman appeared and said that she was eager to help her.

Coming out of the guided OBE session, she noticed that she could see some details and was quite amazed. But the next day, I received a voice message from her saying that she was able to hang the laundry on the line with pegs, that she could see the socks waving in the wind, and that she was able to see colors. She felt amazingly good.

The astral woman who joined her back to Earth is continuously working with her, and my client likes her presence and care.

I know that I do nothing with respect to healing. The only thing I do is connecting individuals with that part of them that is capable of doing incredible things…

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To the one reading this, I hope this is of any benefit to you.

My name is Janneke, I am 48 years old. I did a journey on the 21st of June, which Jeroen already shared. It's the one about improving eyesight. I was born with a nanophthalmus, which is a rare eye condition. My eyes remained to small, with several deformations, causing a secondary glaucoma. I had surgery in my right eye when I was 18. Which still sees a tiny tunnel vision and developed a cateract behind the artificial lense.

So before the journey I only saw light and dark.My left eye went blind around age 35 and had no surgery. I met Jeroen and talked with him about the journeys he made with people. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do a journey. Because I don't consider myself capable, because I usually don't communicate with spirit beings and such. But during our talks Jeroen explained more about how a journey goes, and I decided to give it a go.

I am very excited that we have actually been able to do it. It was a very special experience for me. And Jeroen has been a wonderful guide for me. My eyesight has improved quite a bit already right after the journey! I am now in contact with a volunteer of my astral family on a daily basis. It is wonderful to have her with me. I am practicing to stay away from comparing judgement and remain in joyful wonder and amazement.

I am looking forward to see how all of this will develop.

Thank us all so much