I don't belong here

Yet here I am

Being here in this physical reality and in a physical body is quite an interesting ride. In about 15% of my sessions I guide individuals who have a feeling that they don’t belong here or that they don’t fit in. They feel different from the people around them and don’t seem to blend into society.

These people are often seen as weird, outcasts, hippies, free thinkers, or even anarchists. Generally, they refuse to buy into the “normal” western way of life on earth: study, job, partner, house, kids, dog, grandkids, death. To them, this reality and the way society is organized doesn’t make sense. It is so far from what they feel it should be that many of them turn their backs on society.

This happens in many different ways. Some ways are harmonious, but there are also destructive ways like drug or alcohol abuse. Of course, it is not a solution. But to me, it is the effect society has on many who feel that the way we are organized is not okay.

In these sessions, we come to realize that their origin and intention are quite unique. I have seen people originating from energies that observed humanity from space and instantly saw why there was so much chaos and how to fix it.

There are also people who see that they come to Earth to heal it, to bring light, to help raise awareness and consciousness in different ways.

During these sessions, I connect them to their source before coming to earth. Often there are deep emotions and sensations of home and love when they experience this reunion with their origin. Experiencing a reconnection with their original loved ones is always touching and very informative.

During these journeys, we shed light on their intentions to come to earth and quite frequently we have to adjust the mission (or the attachement to it) to align it with how things actually work on this planet. Looking at it from a distance may give the impression that things are easy to fix, but they are not. Earth and its inhabitants have their own rhythm of change and change cannot be pushed upon it.

The effect of these adjustments is that these individuals come into balance and peace with themselves. And this state of being probably has more effect on their surroundings than any other activity that wants to create change in the world.

After a session with an “I don’t belong here” question, the outcome is always gratefulness and “I have to be where I am.”