Discover the power of Astral Travel

Practitioner Training - NL

Level 1, 17-21 juli 2014,

€810 / € 900, Havelte

This 5-day training is a journey beyond your imagination and has been carefully designed to enhance your skills in guiding others towards their subconscious mind and Higher Self through an Astral Journey or Out of Body Experience.

During the training, you will learn how to guide people to dimensions of infinite possibilities, such as revisiting any moment in time, moving forward in time, being unbound by time and space, facilitating physical and emotional healing, or clearing the path to healing, receiving guidance and direction from guides or masters, and experiencing adventures beyond imagination.

Guiding individuals on an Astral Journey is an effective and beautiful way to help others on their spiritual path.

What are the results of the training?
After completing this training, you will have consciously connected with your Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides and worked with them. You will know how to guide people into an expanded state of awareness, where they can connect to their Higher Self, Spirit Guides or Spirit Masters. You will also be able to guide people in healing processes in the expanded state of consciousness with the assistance of their Spirit Guides.

Theory, Demonstrations, and Hands-on Practice
During the training, you will receive theoretical and background information, observe and/or participate in demonstrations, and experience guiding others in expanded states of awareness.

The Theory
You will receive background information on the different stages of a session and what to do in various situations. This includes:

- The interview, induction, and integration talk: Before a session, there is an interview to set the basis of the session. This is a major stepping stone to move into a successful session. You will learn how to bring a person into trance (the induction) and how to have a talk after the OBE part to start the integration process.

- States of consciousness: Learn about different states of consciousness and explore some of them.

- Moving and finding directions: You will learn how you can move yourself and others through non-physical dimensions and how to find directions. You will also learn how to navigate if you or your client is in an unknown space.

- Seeing and perceiving: Everybody sees and perceives differently. You will learn how to work with these differences.

- Fear and resistance: During sessions, or sometimes even before, people experience fear and show resistance. You will learn how to invite people to meet and transform their fears in a soft, respectful, and effective way.

- Working with Symbols, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Masters: When going or guiding through your Higher Self and non-physical dimensions, you will meet all kinds of different forms. You will learn how to have a person connect to any form they see, how to communicate, and how to work with the information that is shared.

- Double checking: During an Out of Body Experience, people receive information. You will learn when and how to double check what the person has received.

- Physical and Emotional Healing; You will learn how to guide people into different kinds of healing, both physical and emotional.

- New Patterns and Past Lives; Often people experience relationship patterns that no longer serve them. Many relationships have a karmic origin, especially family and love relationships. You will learn how to change patterns that no longer serve the person. That includes observing past lives and inviting ancestors to end family karma.

- Inner Child Healing; Often people struggle with inner child issues, which may arise during a session. You will learn how to work with this and what to do to achieve inner child healing.

- Keeping People Safe and the Wheel of Consent; Feeling safe is the first element of being able to relax and expand awareness. You will learn how to make people feel safe before and during a session. This includes the wheel of consent.

I will perform several demonstrations to give you a clear view of the entire session flow. In addition to a session demonstration, I will conduct one or two group demonstrations in which you can participate or choose to observe.

Hands-on Practice;
It is important for you and your clients to be familiar with the feeling of consciously moving through non-physical dimensions. We aim to provide you with this experience during the demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions.

For whom is this training intended?
You are warmly welcomed to participate in this unique training if you:

  • Are open to personal growth and healing through Astral Travel
  • Are curious about expanding your consciousness in a natural way, without (plant) medicines
  • Seek conscious contact with the Higher Self, guides, and/or spirit masters
  • Are open to learn how to guide others to an expanded state of consciousness in a natural way
  • Are capable of simple visualizations, such as seeing a flower with closed eyes
  • Enjoy assisting others in an unique and effective way in their healing process or spiritual growth

Maximum Capacity
The maximum capacity for this training is 15 people.

From the 17th of July until the 21st of July, 2024.
We start at the Wednesday the 17th at 15:00 hrs and end Sunday the 21st at 15:00 hrs.

The training will take place in the peaceful and quiet setting of Meeuwenveen Accommodaties in Havelte.
Address: Meeuwenveenweg 1, 7971 PK, Havelte, The Netherlands
Two person rooms with seperate beds. Grouping: woman-woman or man-man.

If you register early , the training is €810, which includes lodging, meals, and materials. If you register after June 6the, the training fee is €900.

The teacher
Jeroen Krieger is a master in exploring consciousness. This includes astral travel, OBE and guiding others into expanded states of awareness beyond their physical reality. More about Jeroen

How to Register?
To register or request more information, please send a message to preferably whatsapp, telegram or signal +31618152383,

What to Bring?
We suggest bringing a notebook and pen, a blindfold (or mindfold), and comfortable cloths. As a nice-to-have, we suggest bringing a voice recorder to record your sessions. Using your phone may work as well, but a dedicated voice recorder (like the Philips DVT4110) can capture soft voices and whispering.

What others say?
"The experience was amazing, unbelievable, perfect. For me one of the best experiences in this life. I am still floating, enjoying the trip, and somehow all the things are matching together in my life. It is like a puzzle, all pieces fit in. And that makes me feel just amazingly good. It’s really difficult to describe in words. Thank you very much for this piece of puzzle you have shared with me."
Robert, Spain