Are Out of Body Experiences Real?

Or just illusions

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Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) are subjective phenomena where individuals feel their consciousness has left their physical body or they observe beyond their body or existing reality, often occurring in altered states of consciousness like deep trance, hypnosis, meditation, sleep, and near-death experiences.

The reality of OBEs is a debated topic among scientists, psychologists, researchers, and practitioners. While some view Out of Body Experiences as evidence of consciousness existing independently from the body, others attribute them to psychological factors, brain activity, or natural explanations.

Research on OBEs is limited and inconclusive, with some studies linking them to brain activity or altered states of consciousness. However, numerous unexplained accounts and interactions with deceased individuals suggest something beyond current scientific understanding.

Personally, I perceive OBEs as real experiences, just as real as interacting with this reality. The possibility of this reality being a simulation further blurs the lines between experiences. Facilitating guided Group Out of Body Experiences with multiple participants, reveals shared experiences among the group, hinting at a collective non-physical reality.

On the other hand, OBE’s are often symbolic. It is our Higher Self, communicating with us through symbols that match our current state of growth. Does that mean that the stuff we experience is real? To me it definitely is. It is just as real as breathing air, but tailor made for us to realize understanding, growth or healing.

Ultimately, the reality of Out of Body Experiences remains a mysterious yet powerful phenomenon, accessible to everyone who can visualize simple things like a flower or an animal. If you would like to get an idea of what other people have experienced before you, please read this blog post:

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