Being with Jesus

Observing a remarkable past life during an Out-of-Body Experience

I have always wondered how much of the story of Jesus was true. Often stories like Jesus are misused or even made up. And in his case, I was not sure whether it was one or the other. But did I know that I had the answer to that question during one of my sessions...?

In a recent online session, my client brought up a very weird physical discomfort. When he would be in church, in meditation, or using plant medicine, he would experience a sharp pain in/behind his left eye, as if there was a knife in his eye. Based on my experience, I thought immediately it had to do with a past life experience.

The moment he got out there (in the out-of-body experience state), he connected with a guide who told him that it had to do with a past life injury and the guide told him that it was good to go back and observe what had happened.

The moment he went back to that past life, he saw that a Roman soldier stabbed him in his left eye with a sword. I made him feel safe and told him to observe from a distance, so he wouldn't have to feel it.

I told him to go back in time a bit to see why this happened to him, and he saw that he was with a group of people, talking about Jesus and Love. When I asked him to go back to an important moment in that lifetime, he saw himself sitting with Jesus and many others. He was close to Jesus, and the love he felt was overwhelming; he had to cry a lot because it was so beautiful and so full of love.

From that moment, my client could connect during the session directly to Jesus, receiving healing on many levels and also receiving valuable information, like what the injury had to teach him. It turned out that he had to learn to see from his heart and not from his blurred and doubtful mind.

As the one guiding him throughout this experience, I could also feel the energy of love, having goosebumps and tears in my eyes at several moments.

My client being with Jesus and me being closely connected to guide him, made my heart fill with gratitude and love.