Genuine and significant OBE

How to be certain?

How can I be certain that my Out of Body Experience (OBE) is genuine and holds significance?

If you experienced a self-induced or spontaneous OBE, you may question its authenticity and
significance. This goes into the realm of validation, which can be challenging to answer definitively. Here are a number of factors for consideration:

Personal experience
Reflect on the details of your OBE. Consider how vivid and real it felt, your emotions, whether you had any control over the experience, did you feel surprised at times, and if you were able to gather new information, perspectives or insights.

If you have had multiple OBEs or similar experiences, this may indicate a pattern in sensations or recurring phenomenon that adds to the authenticity of your experiences.

If possible, share your experiences with others who have had OBEs or similar spiritual experiences. Hearing about their experiences and finding commonalities can provide validation.

Emotional, psychological and spiritual impact
Reflect on how your OBE has affected you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Significant shifts in perspective, increased intuition, clarity, sharpened senses, or a sense of inner peace can indicate the significance of your experience.

Consider how you can integrate the insights and lessons from your OBE into your daily life. If your experience leads to personal growth or positive changes, it may hold deeper significance for you. Sometimes it may take months or even years to integrate an OBE.

Seek guidance
Consult with spiritual teachers, therapists, or experts in the field of consciousness exploration to gain a deeper understanding of your experience and its potential significance.


By reflecting on these factors and seeking further understanding, you can gain clarity on the authenticity and significance of your Out of Body Experience. If you feel the call to consult with me, then you can schedule a 30 minute free consult.

Happy travels!