The meaning of Life

Based on my Out of Body Experiences, I know that everything has meaning. Everything that can be observed or perceived has meaning, from the biggest to the smallest. If something had no meaning, it would simply not exist.

Over the last 7 years, I have had hundreds of Out of Body Experiences in non-physical dimensions, experiencing a lot of adventures beyond the body. These experiences have made me more aware of the beauty of our physical 3D reality.

Of course, this is only my narrow perspective, but there are some things I have come to appreciate even more:

  • We can experience things strongly due to the slow nature in which they change and the many dual sides we can perceive.
  • Physical touch and the sensations it brings.
  • The way we have a choice in following our mind or following our heart and how the choice affects our experience. It is nowhere as clear (and as hard) as it is here that we can actually choose the path of love.
  • Humor. I have not come across any place that knows humor the way we do. Perhaps it is something that is only possible if you are familiar with polarities like good and bad, clever and stupid, ease and pain, strong and weak, etc.
  • And much more.

Over the years, I have had many moments where I observed "negative" experiences having positive outcomes. This has added to my understanding that everything has meaning, but that the meaning to many things in life is only revealed after the experience. Sometimes even years later and there are meanings that probably never are revealed.

At times, I have had a strong desire to know the meaning of an event or connection. Not always, but often I was successful in gathering information from non-physical dimensions by connecting with spirit guides or spirit masters.

I feel that once something or somebody is ready for change, we can receive its meaning. Once the meaning of something is realized, the space for change or healing is fully opened. But there will always remain experiences where its meaning will remain a mystery to us.

So as long as the meaning of life is still unfolding to us, we can speculate, but actually, we have no clue. I am on that page too; I can speculate, but I have no clue as to what is the ultimate meaning of life. Nevertheless, I enjoy and love every step of this journey, especially after I could connect to non-physical realms, and I wish you the very same.

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