My Experiences with Spirit Guides

A Personal Story

I often refer to Spirit Guides or Spirit Masters in general terms, but in this post, I share some of my personal experiences with you.

The Cowboy and His White Horse
My first conscious encounter with a Spirit Guide was during the Gateway Voyage training in 2016. In my Higher Self, I was sitting around a fire with my father, grandfather, and great grandfather, our grandfathers were no longer alive. Then, all of a sudden, a cowboy on a white horse appeared and told me that he was The Guide and I had to come with him. I followed him, and he showed me that we (the four of us) were Native American Indians in a past life.

I met Zeniel during a meeting in my Higher Self. We were sitting in what looked like a tipi, and there were five or six guides present, but one stood out for me because he had a non-human form. He was definitely an alien with a comforting vibe around him. When I connected with him, it was made clear that he keeps my physical body safe or at least safe enough to stay alive in this life experience.

There are a number of obvious incidents where he was helping me, but the most impressive one was during a motor trip with friends some years before I met him. I was heading the group, and at a traffic light, we were to go left. As soon as the lights turned green, I pulled up and turned left over the crossing. Too late, I realized that traffic in the opposite direction had turned green as well, and there was a car coming my way really fast. I had no time to break, and all of a sudden, I felt a gentle but firm push in my back, pushing me in front and beyond the car. It was a miracle that the car didn't hit me.

When all had passed the crossing, my buddies had to stop and take a break because all of them thought the car had ran over me. At the time, it felt like there was a helping hand. Later, I realized it was the helping hand of Zeniel.

The Starfish Archivist
I know from sessions that starfish-like beings in non-physical realms are masters in data and information processing. So it was not a big surprise meeting the Starfish Archivist in the archive where all past lives of my Higher Self are stored. I was looking for information on a shared past life with a specific person, and without any problem, he pulled out one file among what seemed like thousands of files.

The Wind
Many of my journeys I did out of curiosity and fun. I would go into my HIgher Self with an open mind, letting things unfold without a specific question in mind.

Often, I would experience situations in Native America before there were any Europeans. On one occasion, I flew in like a bird above a tipi and a fire. In front of the tipi sat an old Indian smoking peacefully a pipe. I landed next to him, and our eyes met. Then I looked at the fire and realized I was moving into the fire, and I became smoke. "Huh, what is this?" I thought to myself and went back to the Indian. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm the Wind," he responded.

Then I moved into the fire, became smoke again, and moved up, becoming all the wind around the earth. In that situation, I noticed that my physical body was moving in waves as well. It was a heavenly and sensual feeling.

The Master
At one point, I was searching for understanding a specific connection. In my Higher Self, I was told that for that question, I had to see the Master. I had never met a Spirit Master before, so I asked where to find him. It appeared that he was on the top of a high mountain in a round room.

When I came into the room, I saw this black bird with a long beak. He probably noticed my surprise and told me that he really loved that shape and that he would stay like that, which surprised me even more.

He really felt like the most serious, wise being I had ever encountered in my Higher Self. He definitely felt like the higher management of my Total Self.

Over the years, I have also encountered many animals. On one occasion, I was standing inside a big circle with all kinds of different animals around me, all looking at me peacefully. And then, all of a sudden, while I was riding a horse, we were all running and flying over the savannah with great speed and joy. Wuuuhaaa!!

When we meet animals in the non-physical realm, they can always share information, knowledge, and wisdom. They are often part of the Spirit Guide domain as well, they are part of us and we are part of them.

Over the years, I have asked many questions and received not always, but most of the time, answers. Often, we receive unexpected answers. Like when I had contact with the spirits of people who were no longer in a living physical body, several times in a row. So obviously, I thought I had to do something with this gift for other people. Nope... helping others was a side effect. The main reason was for me to learn how to connect and communicate with these types of energy, with these souls.

I know that my Spirit Guides and I are like two sides of the same coin, or two hands of the same body. We are playing for the same team, and our efforts and experiences are always for the team. It is not necessary to express gratitude, but having this feeling supports cooperation and brings humbleness.

So I feel grateful for all we are doing for each other. They play a huge role in my life, and what I do here affects the sum of all that we are. I know they have great expectations as much as they have infinite patience and infinite forgiveness.

How about you?
You like to meet your Spirit Guides as well, curious how they look like? It is always interesting and easier than you think. During a Out of Body Experience you always meet one or more Spirit Guides. I love to connect you to them. And from that moment on, you can connect to them at will. ✨

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