Out of Body Experience; a Journey into Ourselves

Moving into the more subtle layers of what we are

The term "Out of Body Experience" may be somewhat misleading. Yes, during an Out of Body Experience, we move beyond our physical awareness, beyond our physical reality, beyond our bodies. But what opens up are merely parts of us that we have not experienced before or that we have forgotten.

“You are everything and everything is You.” This is not just a New Age meme that I like throwing out there to look good. Heavens no, this is how I have come to perceive reality. In September 2023, I had the following words come into my mind:

I am you
As much as
You are me
On the surface
Of One Love

This is basically saying the same thing. We are all, we are it. But in our day-to-day reality, it is not easy to realize this. In our daily lives, we think we are separate individuals. And to some extent, this is true. We do have a separated experience. But that doesn't mean we are only this separated experience.

When we go on an guided Out of Body Experience, we move beyond our physical layer of existence and connect to the more subtle layers of our existence. We move into our Higher Self, or as Bob Monroe puts it, into our Total Self.

When we explore our Higher Self, we broaden our awareness significantly. And from this wider perspective, we meet parts of us that need our attention, for us to bring them into a state of more connectedness.

It happens quite frequently that when I guide individuals into their Higher Self, they meet their Astral Family. These astral beings have a separated appearance, but they are highly interconnected beings. When we meet these astral beings, we are often blown away by the sense of love and connection. The other day I guided a woman into connecting with her astral family. They were all in white, having blond hair and blue eyes. During this connection, she experienced how they show love and affection to each other. And she was in complete awe.

What I love most about these expanded states of awareness is that we can achieve more understanding of what is unfolding in our lives and how things are interconnected. We create a different overview, a new and broadened perspective of what is unfolding in our lives and why it happens like it does. And from this wider perspective, we can achieve change in any part of our lives. Because from the moment we understand why things are happening, the path to change or healing opens up.

Are you curious about what this expanded state of awareness brings you, or do you have specific wishes? Let’s connect and experience how these states of expanded awareness are beneficial to you.