A Guided Out of Body Experience

· Guided OBE Session

An OBE session is a truly transformative experience that can change your life in profound ways. At first, we will have a thorough pre-talk where we explore your intentions and questions. This ensures that I am able to navigate you throughout your journey to meet your individual needs and desires.

The OBE part of the session starts with connecting to your heart, the seat of your Higher Self, next I guide you into a state of relaxation/trance. Then the journey starts, and we are likely to explore two or three different areas or dimensions of consciousness, connected to (within) your Higher Self.

While each session is unique, you are likely to have a powerful and life-changing experience that can help you gain clarity on your life purpose, heal physical or emotional ailments, discover and heal inner child issues, connect with relatives who have passed away, understand relationship patterns, explore and enhance spiritual growth, and/or engage in Remote Viewing where you explore other places, planets, and connect with other life forms. In most sessions, people meet their spirit guides and receive clear and direct guidance or information. If you meet a spirit guide, we always ask if they want to show you something or take you on a journey. They enjoy this opportunity to express themselves to you. These touching moments are extra special, also to me.

Here you'll find a list of experiences that other people have had. But rest assured, we work with your Higher Self, which means that you meet what is important for you in this moment of your life; you experience what is in line with your path of growth and what fits your frame of reference.

After the OBE part of your session, we have a talk to share experiences and talk about directions or suggestions received from your Higher Self. This is where the integration of your session begins so that you can benefit as much as possible from your experience. After your OBE session, it is likely that you can connect easily and communicate at will with your Higher Self or spirit guide(s). Listening to the recording of your OBE session brings you back into a trance state and gives you the opportunity to relive the Out of Body Experience, or you can even receive answers to new questions.

Your guided Out of Body Experience will continue to have its positive effect on you after the session. This may last for days, weeks or even months. Especially if you keep your session alive by listening to the recording of your session. Some information you received needs time to understand or to fully integrate. Just like this man who received a burst of information accompanied with the sentence "all is one". He received all the information energetically, but understanding or digesting takes time. In an Out of Body Experience, you can receive a vast amount of information in just a few seconds.

After a guided Out of Body Experiences, you have added another layer of wisdom and knowledge to your 3D life, which you can access at will. This is ease directly after the session and if you keep the connection alive, it will stay that way. You can imagine that I am passionate about guding these sessions for the magic they bring. Therefore I am dedicated to guide everyone to the best of my knowledge and expertise. In Person, Online, Surrogate
There are three ways of experiencing a Guided OBE session. For an In Person session, we come together on a physical location. Most of the times these In Person sessions are in a yurt in nature.

For an Online session we use an app to make the call and you will be wearing a proper headset to communicate with me. It is important that your headset will stay in place and that your voice is audible at all times.

For a Surrogate session, where a stand-in will do the journey on your behalf, we can choose for you to be present Online or In Person.

3 OBE Sessions, Quantum Leap
This option is ideal for people who desire to achieve more progress in less time. Doing 3 sessions in a row, makes a person go much deeper into altered states of consciousness, creating more and deeper effect.

Can everyone book an Online OBE Session?
No, I do not guide online sessions for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Nor do I guide online sessions for individuals who use mental state-altering medication (like antidepressants) or have an unstable mental state. Furthermore, people who cannot visualize can only book an in-person OBE session.

But, if you can do basic visualization (like seeing a red flower with your eyes closed) and have none of the above, you are guaranteed to experience an expanded state of awareness, and most likely, it will blow your mind. If the epanded state of awareness does not happen, I will provide a full refund within one day.

Payment for online sessions is made through bank transfer or Paypal prior to your session.