What is an Out of Body Experience?

· Background information

An Out of Body Experience (OBE) is a state of awareness where a person perceives a different, non-physical reality. If a person has a self-induced and conscious OBE, there is little to no physical body awareness. A person in a guided OBE session may be aware of his or her body from time to time due to communication with the person who guides the session.

An Out of Body state is normal because every time we sleep and dream, we enter a state of OBE. Most of us are unaware during this phase of our sleep and have no control over it, nor do we remember all of our dreams.

With a guided OBE session, we are behind the steering wheel of our journey. We have control over our actions and responses, but we do not control the outcome. We can open a door, but what lies behind it is always a surprise. Another difference with dreaming is that we remember everything, or most of it, but it fades quickly over time. That is why I record every session and share it with the client afterward.

In a guided OBE, everything is possible, and the "space" seems infinite. We can perceive Earth-like objects and situations, as well as human-looking individuals like our friends or family, spirit guides, and Earth-like totem animals. But if we have to see beyond our current 3D realm, we meet abstract objects, other planets, and even other types of beings. In these situations, it is less obvious to find the right words to describe the experience.

All communication during an OBE is non-verbal. This means that we "talk" within our minds or telepathically. Also, information can be sent to us in a burst. This means that we receive a whole lot of information within a few seconds that will take weeks or months to grasp. For example, a client received a burst of information with one sentence attached to it: "we are all one." He was a bit confused in the moment because this sentence could not describe what he had received, far from it.

In an OBE state, we move differently. There is no walking or running. We move like we are floating or flying, or we make instant shifts, like from here to Mars in the blink of an eye. But we always go as fast as we feel comfortable.

When we have an OBE, we create automatically mental maps or pathways of the places we visited. This means that the next time we want to go to that place, we can go instantly.